Friday, June 26, 2009

Mom is doing OK. She had a day of agitation and confusion about 2 weeks ago and grabbed another patients wrist and left a bruise, so they had to prescribe an anti-depressant and another drug for a short time. They said when they make physical contact and leave marks, the doctor has to be contacted and they must show that they took some action to solve the problem. I agreed to the pills only for a short time. These last two weeks she has been really quite and just sits with me. One day she wanted to go riding around in town. But, even on the ride she was very quite. Hopefully they can stop the pills soon and she can be herself again. Donny and Chelsea came down to see her when they come through going to Uncle Mutt's funeral. I know she enjoyed seeing them. Not much else to say except that I miss her even when I'm with her some days. I'm not sure who all reads this blog, but I have had the best mother in the whole world. She would have done anything for us kids to help us grow up to be adults that loved and served the LORD. She has always been a hoot to be around because she always said and did the funniest things. She still does when she is in her right mind. She was always a prayer warrior. She was always very giving and loving. I can remember many times when I was growing up, that we invited visitors to our church, over to stay with us or just eat with us. My mom was the BEST. I say was, because she is so different now. She never mentions God or reads her Bible, and I know that is so not her. This disease is so hard to watch. It hasn't changed how I feel about her, it just hurts sometimes.
No pictures taken recently so that's all for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Peggy!

You're sure right about your mom always being a prayer warrior and being friendly and helpful to everyone. I still remember those "chases" to give kisses and hugs when we'd leave your house! How I miss those days and all of those good times together. Love you and thanks again for being such a special part of Dad's service. I know that he and Uncle Leo are in heaven singing in harmony right now! :) God and Dad have been waking me up with special hymns of faith for the past month, and I love it! TB :) P. S. Do you remember the song, "How Far is Heaven"? Dad (and I assume Uncle Leo too) sang that a lot in his younger years . . . probably about the same time as "Horsey, Get Your Tail Up"! :)