Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back from Ethiopia

We arrived back from Ethiopia on Sunday, 16th of November. Sorry that I haven't updated before now, but every time I get still I fall asleep. Traveling halfway around the world, across 9 time zones, sure gets your body out of whack. My days and nights are still reversed and so are Tommy's. We are falling asleep about
8 p.m. and waking up in the morning about 4 or 5 am.
The trip was truly amazing. We stayed so busy that it flew by so fast. We loved on hundreds of children, got to fit lots of them with new shoes and made sure they knew that Jesus loved them. Addis Ababa is a city of about 5 million and they were all on the streets every day. Mostly walking, but many vans carrying passengers and some buses like we were on. The places we went were the very poor. Buckners does some wonderful things to help the orphans there. We went to 2 schools where they are training the older orphans in professions so they can have a trade to make it on their own. We really fell in love with a couple of girls from the girls home. Orphan girls from ages 14 to 20. They have their own dorm rooms, except not so big or nice, very simple. These girls would end up prostitutes if Buckner had not helped them. I know this happens all over the world, but we got a chance to see it first hand. We were truly humbled by the whole trip. God revealed to me that He has a plan for their lives just like He has a plan for our lives. Jer. 29:11
We are home and back to our daily routines, but I hope we will not forget the people and the poverty of Ethiopia. God was there!!!!! He went before us, lead us while we were there to see HIS people, and brought us home safely. God is faithful.
Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts as we were away.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is Tuesday, 11-4-08. We leave for Ethiopia on Thursday, 11-6-08. Tommy and I are both so excited. The group from our church has such unity that only God could have built. Our weekly prayer meetings have been so wonderfully encouraging and faith building. There is no doubt that God has put this team together and has provided for the financial needs as well as preparing the way before us. Each one of us gave our testimony this past Sunday at Church. If you would like to hear them go to and you can listen to them. This is our Church web site. After we leave, the pastor is going to post a website that anyone can go to to get updates on us in Ethiopia. I don't know how often we will be at computers, but our team leader will be updating info as possible. Each day we will be going to another Orphanage in the outlying towns around Addis Abba, which is the capital city.
At the Orphanages we will be doing VBS and fitting the children with shoes. This trip is called "Shoes for Orphan Souls". The shoes have already been shipped there and are awaiting our arrival to fit them to the children. They have us really busy from sun up till sun down. The only real break we will get is on the day we begin our flights home. Please pray for us. Especially that we are bold in telling them about our Lord and Savior. Secondly, that we show compassion and love to these people as Jesus would have. Thirdly, that in all we do the Lord be glorified. Fourthly, that we be very discerning in listening to the lead of the Lord. Lastly, for our safety.
There will be no updates on Mom till I get home and have a chance to see her. She was doing great last Friday when I went. They had asked me if I thought she would wear a cow suit for Halloween. I said no. As in the past she didn't talk much, just grabbed my hand to hold. I told her that Jr. would be checking in on her while I was gone. Her comment was, "Does he listen to you when you tell him to come see me?". I told her No! So we will see what happens. He does go see her, but she never remembers it. When he asks her about me coming, she doesn't remember that either. She hates the fact that she can't remember anything anymore.
There will be lots to post when I get home on the 16th so check the blog after that date. Love, Peggy