Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tom & I

Not much time for us, since Mom has been so bad, but God truly keeps us close and deeply in love. We just finished our Church Cantata last Sunday and it was good. All the Christmas shopping is done. Tommy has been helping me cook goodies for different parties. I think he likes to cook. His Office Christmas party is this week and we are keeping Kevin and Alysia's kids Saturday so that they can go shopping. Life just seems so busy. I thought it would slow down when the kids all left home. What was I thinking??????????
Merry Christmas to everyone and may God truly bless you with the true spirit of Christmas. His Majesty and Glory that came in the flesh just to make a way for you and I to spend eternity with HIM. WHAT LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom 12-16-08

Mom just got out of the hospital Monday, Dec. 15th. She went in on the 11th, Thursday night. I went to see her and she looked really bad. They checked her BP and it was 84/40. There were several things going on but they all have to do with her not eating. On Monday she looked so much better and talking and smiling and drinking ensure. I hope the medication they are giving her will kick in and work soon so she will start eating again. From the test they took on her, she has had a heart attack in the past year. She showed no signs of chest pain, but mom never complains.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Frances Day

Mom is really going through a hard time right now. Ever since Nov. 21st she has not been eating. She is drinking some, but not enough. The nurses and staff at the Nursing Home are really worried about her. They have tried everything they know to get her to eat, but she refuses and gets upset with them. She takes her medicines OK with no problem, just not food. Yesterday she was really tired and weak. Today they are starting her on an appetite stimulant, but it could take a week to a month to start working. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks, Peggy

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

update on Mama

On Nov.23rd mama went into the hospital. She had a stomach bug and was dehydrated. That first night when I got there she was sound asleep and I stayed for a while and then went home. The next day when I got there I was surprised at how weak and withdrawn she was. It really scared me. By the next day she was a little better and each day since she is more herself again. She got out of the hospital on Friday after Thanksgiving. She is back at the Nursing Home and all seems normal again. She gets tired faster than she did before, but still acts like she is feeling good. Here is a picture of she and I that Becky took on Saturday, Nov. 29th.