Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mom's Visitor's

Last Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009, Gale & Vicki Kimbrough came to see mama. I met them at the Nursing Home around 11:00 am and we visited and then took mom to lunch at the Dairy Queen and then went back to the Home and soon after, we all had to leave. For those of you who do not know Gale & Vicki, Gale is the only son of Christine, mama's sister. She knew the minute she saw their faces that they were people she knew, and smiled really big. Gale told her that they had not seen her in a long time and she said, "Shame on you!" We had a very good visit and it was one of mom's best days in a long time. She had remembered that Jr. had been to see her on the Sunday before. She usually can't remember anything that long. These days it dosen't take much to get me excited about how well mom is doing. She has gained back the weight she lost when she quit eating and her appetite is back to normal. She has made friends with 2ladies that sit with her in the front living area. She will tell you that they are all best buds. She does not know their names, but I have caught mom laying her head on one of the ladies shoulders on 2 occasions. We moved her the first of October to this Nursing Home and now 4 months later, I think she is finally adjusting and liking the place. Gale & Vicki took a couple of pictures and when they send them I will post them. In the mean time, here is one over the Christmas Holidays.