Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mom at the Home

Those of you who are keeping up with Mom through this blog, she is doing great. She has made friends with 2 other ladies at the home and they all sit on the couch together and sleep or watch TV. She tells me everytime I am there about her pals. One of the ladies names is Frances King, so mom can remember her name because it is the same first name as hers. Her eating is back to normal and she gained all the weight she had lost when she was sick.
Nelda Pearl called yesterday to say that she & Bob, Gale and Warren were coming down to see her this Friday, 13th of March. I know mom will really enjoy that. I'll try to take pictures and post them.
She has shared several times with me that she wishes she had a car. I ask her where she wanted to go and she said, "to pick up her kids from school." I gently reminded her that I was her youngest child and I am 56 years old. She replied, "So I don't have any kids in school?" I said No. Her reply was, "I guess it's a good thing that I couldn't find a car to go get them from school." She is such a joy and delight. Even today she still makes me laugh. What a blessing she is to me!!!!!!!


Amy Tagle said...

What a big smile I have on my face. That is my grandma!! Love her dearly!

Vanessa Wooten said...

awwww... Grandma probably also remembers going to pick up several of her grandkids from school, too. She is such a sweet spirit and I miss her. We will be in Odessa next week. Maybe Mama, Daddy, Josh and I can break away at least one night to go visit her. We'll let you know.